Growing up my dad always photographed my family’s adventures and daily life.  I picked up the habit and continue to photograph my adventures.   In addition to taking pictures of my travels I also take photograph for businesses to use in marketing, social media and websites.

Portrait & Business Photography

Three Brothers Bats

A handmade baseball bat company in West Salem, Wisconsin.  I shoot at their 1900s one room school house that has been converted into a workshop.

Spanish Adventure

A Spanish school in San Carlos, Colombia with a unique offering of Spanish classes in the mornings and adventures to explore the beautiful surroundings of the town.  I did photo & video for their social media, marketing and website.

Lifestyle & Travel Photography

When traveling with friends I love to become a personal photographer.  Highlighted below are a few candid shots of my friend Ryan that he shared on Instagram.

Travel Photography Highlights

Idaho wilderness stars.  July 2016

Featured in the 2016 Washington Post Travel Photo Contest.

Sony RX 100 Mark III – Focal Length 8.8, f 1.8, Exposure Time 20″

This photo was featured on several design and photography blogs

2017 Great American Solar Eclipse

I had the opportunity to travel into the path of totality for the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse.  I captured some unique pictures using a telescope and my camera.  Check out the Full Write Up to see more and learn about how I captured the shots.

Visual Highlights of travels throughout the world

Banff, Canada – May 2017

Lake Louise, Alberta
Lake Louise, Alberta

Ecuador – April 2016