Teaching Yoga in South America

The Best Places to Teach Yoga Across South America

As a traveler and student/teacher of yoga I loved experiencing yoga in South America. For two years I had the opportunity to practice and teach yoga in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.  Below are my 6 tips for teaching yoga in South America. 3 favorite places and other locations across Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Send me a message or DM me on Instagram with any questions!

Practicing with the locals in the Galapagos!

Six tips for teaching yoga in South America

  1. Learn Spanish! A good grasp of the language will make a huge impact on your experience. You can connect with locals and make your experience more authentic. Eventually you could teach classes in Spanish! 
    • I recommend Colombia as the best place to learn Spanish. I learned in a small town, San Carlos, at the Colombian Spanish School, Spanish Adventure. If you are a city person check out Medellin. Bolivia and Guatemala are counties with the most affordable options to learn Spanish.
  2. Find the right opportunity.  There are plenty of platforms to use for finding opportunities: Workaway.info, Worldpackers, helpx, yogatrade, yogatraveljobs.  Making a profile with information about your style and personality are important. 
    • I am a fan of Workaway because you can find yoga opportunities as well as other ways to volunteer.  You create a profile and can build up a resume of experience over time. It makes for a more transparent experience. Need inspiration? Check out my WorkAway profile. If you decide to sign up I would love for you to use my referral link.
    • Searching ‘Yoga [city name]’ is a great way to see which hostels offer yoga.  Also checking on instagram hashtags can be a great way to see who is teaching.  Reach out and be specific around what you can offer and timing.  
  3. Take your time.  Many of the opportunities will usually expect a month of teaching at least.  Enjoy this time and live like a local.  
    • Teaching yoga in Cali, Colombia? Learn to Salsa like a pro. In the mountains somewhere? Hike away! Surf town? Surf! Experience the best cultural and natural experiences each country has.
  4. Be aware of your presence.  There are many teachers local to the area who you potentially could impact their business with your teaching.  
    • Stick to spots where you can bring a unique experience like teaching in English at hostels for foreign travelers. 
    • One place I felt this was in Mancora, Peru.  There are local teachers who offer classes. I was intentional to teach classes at a place and time where my classes did not conflict with the schedule of the local teachers. This also allowed me to take their classes!
  5. Enjoy Classes as you go! The yoga community across South America is growing and you can be a part by taking classes and sharing in your practice.
    • Take classes in Spanish or different styles, make new friends and take advantage of introductory offerings for studios. My favorite studios in big cities were in Lima Yoga, Medellin Yoga and Soy Yoga in Quito.  
    • Jump in the park and enjoy. Searching facebook can yield lots of opportunities to jam out with Acro Yoga, Slackline and meet locals with a passion for yoga. 
  6. Gear up. Decide what you will travel with. Travel with a mat? What about books? what to bring with you.
    • Read more about what I traveled with during my time abroad. Including what I think is the best yoga travel mat.

A group of Yogis at a Acro-Jam in Lima, Peru

My Favorite Places to Teach Yoga in South America. 

  1. Casas Viejas Hostel – Minca, Colombia
    • I taught for a month in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range of northern Colombia.  Casas offers a bed, food and activities in exchange for teaching. They offer classes daily at 7:30 am for up to 12 people.  They usually 6-9 guests. Days off are easily arranged and there are lots of hikes and things to do around Minca.
  2. Atma Hostel – Huanchaco, Peru
    • I stayed at Atma briefly during a trip down the coast of Peru. I immediately knew I wanted to come back and teach.  Dani and Paul built a beautiful space with room for 10-12 students. They offer a bed, surf board and wetsuit as well as a % share of the class revenue. They plan out teachers 2-3 months in advance, so plan ahead if you are interested in teaching at Atma.
  3. Izhcayluma Hostel – Vilcabamba, Ecuador
    • I did not teach here but spent nearly a week enjoying daily classes and good food in the mountains of Southern Ecuador.  There are lots of hikes and things to enjoy.  They offer a daily class free to the guest of the hostel.
Teaching at Casas Viejas in Minca

My favorite places organize their teachers several weeks or months in advance so plan ahead!

Other places to teach and practice yoga across South America. Organized by country.  Also travel tips thrown in. Did I miss one of your favorite spots? Shoot me a message or DM on Instagram so I can add it.  Need help deciding on where to go and for how long? Send me a message and I can help you figure things out!

Teaching and Practicing Yoga in Peru

(Organized North to South)

  • Mancora Peru – Surf, Kitesurf and Chill
    • Sol Yoga Mancora – Great Local studio with Hatha and Vinyasa style classes.  Dani the owner sometimes has teachers sub or teach who are open to spending at least a month in Mancora. 
    • Laguna Surf Camp. Pilar, the ‘Queen of Surf’ in Mancora.  She operates a small hostel where I was able to teach.
  • Huanchaco Peru – Surf and Chill
    • Atma Yoga Hostel (See above)
    • Moksha Hostel. Backpackers hostel where they also offer classes for travelers. Ask about teaching.
  • Huaraz – World class trekking
    • Selina Huaraz offers classes and is a potential place to volunteer.  After all the hiking you can do in Huaraz yoga is a much needed rest!
  • Lima – big city, some yoga
    • I really enjoyed doing a week intro at Lima Yoga. A variety of classes across two locations in the tourist area of Miraflores
    • Acro – Reach out to Leign and see if they are doing a Jam. They do it some Sundays AcroBeats Yoga
  • Paracas – chill and windsurfing
    • I enjoyed Kokopelli Hostel. They don’t have a studio but a great vibe and place to spend time relaxing near the beach. There is also Kitesurfing here.
  • Huacachina / Ica – touristy and sand dunes
    • Very touristy area that for yoga might not be the best but is a 
  • Arequipa –
    • Arequipay hostel offered yoga and had a teacher when I stayed there. 
  • Cusco – gateway to Machu Picchu and hikes
    • I did yoga at Healing House Cusco Yoga where they do teacher trainings.  This was a great place to stretch out before and after hikes.  
  • Sacred Valley – a yoga lovers dream
    • Saturated with yoga and places to take it. There are many options you can see on Workaway or other platforms.  Eventually I will write a whole post about the opportunities and places to do yoga in the Sacred Valley. Find the options by googling.
Teaching Yoga at the Beach in Mancora Peru

Teaching and Practicing Yoga in Ecuador

  • Quito – capital city
    • Community Hostel offers classes on their rooftop and has a volunteer teacher. A friend taught here for a month and loved it.
    • Soy Yoga – Local Studio near Parque Carolina. Offering a weekly intro price.
  • Quilotoa Loop – Outside of Latacunga near Cotopaxi
    • Llu Llu Llama – Hostel along the Quilotoa Loop. Offers two classes a day. I met two travelers who taught there and enjoyed their experience. Workaway Link
  • Baños – Adventure sports and party
    • Selina Hostel has a space with Mats and yoga.  Sign up at the front desk to ensure spots. Also potentially a teacher position.
  • Vilcabamba – Yoga and Mountains
    • Izhcayluma (See Above)
  • Beaches
    • Montiñata – party and surf
      • Casa del Sol – studio offering yoga classes
      • Many of the hostels offer yoga and host volunteer teachers.
    • Ayampe – chill and surf
      • Otro Ola surf and yoga classes
Sunset class in the Amazon of Ecuador

Teaching and Practicing Yoga in Colombia

  • Near Santa Marta
    • Minca
      • Casas Viejas Minca (See above)
      • Casa Loma. I met a traveler who volunteered and taught yoga here. It is a bit closer to the Minca town.
    • Mendihuaca (Costeño Beach Area)
      • Local teachers offer classes at hostels. Costeño Beach, La Brisa Tranquila and Bohemia Beach.
      • I stayed at Bohemia beach and Can highly recommend it. They have a dedicated yoga platform that is HUGE. This would be a great spot to host a yoga retreat
    • Palomino
      • Several spots around town offering daily classes
      • La Sirena Eco Hotel has a consistent schedule. Also a place to potentially teach if you can teach in English and Spanish.
  • Medellin
    • El Poblado
      • Los Patios Hostel – hostel for travelers on vacation. They also offer classes a couple times a week
      • Medellin Yoga – Local studio offering hot and power style classes. They offer a week intro price
      • 108 Yoga – hot studio
    • Laureles – Estadio
      • Flying Tree Yoga. I was never able to make my way to check it out but they offer English/Spanish classes. Also courses in teaching yoga in Spanish.
Handstands in Medellin

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