Website Design

What is web design?

Let’s say your website is a car.

Back-end website development is the engine underneath the hood, the unseen metal, tubes & wires that keep your car running fast and efficient.

Front-end development and design is everything else – the choice of color, trim, sound system — everything you can see and touch.

They are linked, back-end development and front end design, but are two very different crafts.  I offer both services, though if your focus is one or the other I can cater to your needs.

User experience – the heart of design

Usability is the key to a great website.  I start by understanding the primary motivations and goals of your target users – then create an optimized journey to get them there.

I always start by aligning business goals with user needs to formulate a design that is aligned with your brand and the needs of your audience. My job is to ensure that life is as easy as possible for every user who lands on your website, wherever they land on it.

Represent your online brand the right way

A website is the best way to ensure customers have a great first impression.  Whether it’s a loyal customer who has been buying a product or service for years or someone who has never heard of your brand before, websites are the first place for key information about your business.

In the modern marketplace, a business cannot build or maintain a competitive market share without a website that represents the tone of voice and visual style of their brand.

Fully responsive design

Build digital experiences for all devices.  You need a responsive website that works on any device: desktop, mobile or tablet.  Almost 70% of online traffic now comes from mobile devices and apps, and that growth shows no signs of slowing. In fact, your visibility on Google will be penalized if your site is not mobile-friendly.

Work With Me

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