Snapchat Spectacles V2 Review

Why I Love Them and How I Use Them

Here’s a comprehensive overview of the Spectacles V2 after 18+ months of capturing and creating with them. I have made 90+ videos for my #seewherejoegoes project, and a variety of others. My Spectacles facilitated all this, with Version 2 featuring a sleeker design, higher-quality video, and a better user experience.

Check out an overview of my experience with Spectacles:

Bottom Line / tl;dr

It’s $150 for a good pair of sunglasses with a good camera. The perfect companion for long term backpacking or travel, long hikes, or the camera-obsessed creator. Keep the cellphone in your pocket and live in the moment. Click a button to snap and record short videos and pictures. Relive these moments later from your own perspective.

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History and Background

Created by Snap Inc. and integrated tightly with the Snapchat app, in late 2016, Spectacles served as their coming-out party as a camera company. It was a bold step into hardware at a time when the future of cameras seemed to be smartphone-centric. Spectacles V1 were priced at $129 and written off as a failure due to low sales and lack of traction. It didn’t stop Snap Inc. from continuing to iterate and innovate. (Here’s my full review of V1)

Spectacles V2 kept or upgraded all the great features of V2 while eliminating many of its drawbacks. Improvements included a refined design, better video and audio quality, and water resistance. With a $149 price point, they are not for everyone, but if you are looking for a tool to capture your adventures hands-free, then you couldn’t ask for more.

In November 2019, Spectacles V3 was released, featuring two cameras and tech for augmented reality, as well as deeper integration with Snapchat. The stereoscopic cameras allow for 3D filters and photos. Stay tuned for a full review in a few months. At $380, these are out of the reach of most casual consumers, but it looks like a vital tool for creators interested in the future of AR video capture.

Design Overview

V2 refined the V1 design. The rings around the camera and status LEDs are slightly smaller, less bold, and no longer bright Snapchat yellow. The biggest change was the shrinking of the electronics casing around the hinges. This makes the glasses lighter and easier to wear, with less blocked from the wearer’s field of vision.

Ruby, Onyx, and Sapphire frames. Gradient fade to clear

Style Comparison:

Electronics case comparison. About 40% smaller

It also introduced new frame styles: Nico and Veronica, which have a more traditional sunglasses look. They have polarized lenses and a $50 higher price tag. They come with a faux leather case instead of the charger case. So these versions have to be charged via the cable, which can be less convenient, but such is the price of beauty. These new styles are also rated water-resistant.

Above – Veronica | Below – Nico

I have a narrow face, so the classic design fits me better than the larger Veronica and Nico. How do I look?

Row 1: Spectacles V2 – Onyx frames, Moonlight lenses
Row 2: Spectacles V2 – Onyx frames, Eclipse lenses
Row 3: Spectacles V1 – Black frames

Spectacles Size and Weight Comparison:

VersionV1 ClassicV2 ClassicV2 NicoV2 VeronicaV3
Frame size48-25-14048-25-14053-19-14556-19-14547-25-153

Camera Quality

Spectacles V2 introduced a new camera sensor with improved quality. The fisheye 115° field of view of V1 was replaced by a more natural 105°. Combined with an increase in video resolution (from 1152 px to 1216 px), this produces a sharper image. When I show people a demo, the reaction is always “Wow, that is way clearer and nicer than I expected.”

Screenshot of a Spectacles video within the Snapchat app. Rotated landscape.

Recorded video looks best with natural outdoor light. That’s why the Spectacles are sunglasses — to discourage you from recording indoors. (Yes, you can get prescription normal lenses, but that is not the point.)

The V2 audio quality is also much better. It has two microphones — one facing in, other out. This allows for a clearer sound compared to V1. Check out the examples below to hear the difference.


I was excited to test out the V2’s water resistance. When my first pair of V1s were exposed to moisture, they stopped working. I was able to mail them in for a replacement, which was a nice gesture from Snap. I am still very cautious when filming in water with the V2, but I have captured some fun shots. See below for an example of its underwater capabilities. Sharks!

The nose pads present one challenge I have encountered with both V1 and V2. Wearing them daily, frequently while sweating, caused the pads to fall off in 3-4 months. I’ve read online that you can get replacements, but I personally haven’t minded wearing the glasses without them.

I own two pairs currently. One I’ve had for about a year, and they are still doing alright. I sometimes have trouble charging them, but this is my own fault; the charging leads are a bit rusted because I didn’t clean them properly, ignoring the instructions in the user care manual.

Overall the V2 is very durable. Its yellow case helps ensure that they stay charged and protected.

Spectacles Technical Specification Comparison

ReleasedNov. 2016April 2018Nov. 2019
Photos1824 × 1824 px1642×1642 px1728×1728 px
Video Resolution1152×1152 px
60 fps
1216 x 1216 px
60 fps
1216 x 1216 px
60 fps
Video Field of View115°105°Dual 105°
3D: 86°
Audiosingle micdual mic arrayfour mic array
ExtrasWater ResistanceGPS built in,
3D photo + video
Case size comparison: V1 Left, V2 Right

Charger Case – The “Snapchat yellow” case doubles as a charger. The case allows for four full charges, and fits into the water bottle pocket of a backpack or a standard cup holder. Compared to V1, the V2 case is smaller, and it feels more solid than V1’s soft plastic. The fabric on the V2 case does attract dirt, so within a few weeks, you may notice discoloring with heavy use. One note: Veronica and Nico versions do not come with a charger case, and instead have a leather case that does not charge the Spectacles.

Software – Snapchat App

Since the first version of Spectacles was released, the team at Snap has continually have updated the Snapchat app. Spectacles connect via Bluetooth and send the app basic information about battery, Snaps to transfer, and status. The videos transfer via WiFi at a rate of about 1-2 seconds per 10-second video. This used to take much longer, and now happens behind the scenes.

I have an iPhone 7 whose performance has slowed over time, so I imagine that any newer version will be more capable and faster. Sometimes my phone will crash when importing a heavy volume of videos (around 60 or more). I assume this is an issue with the phone, since after a reset, the app works much better.

Once the Snaps are in the app, you can select and create Stories to organize the videos/photos. These do not actually need to be shared to your Snapchat story; this is to organize content. This is also how content is backed up into Snapchat’s storage. That way, you always have a version of your videos and photos saved in the cloud.

One of the best ways to see your content is in the app:

An example of the Spectacles footage viewed natively in the Snapchat app

Sample Videos

Here are some quick shots from my 18+ months of using the Spectacles across Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, the US, and elsewhere. They’re from multi-day hikes, swimming in the ocean, exploring cities, on runs, and more.

I had a pair of Spectacles V2 brought down while I was living in South America. With V2, I created a video series shot entirely on Spectacles, #SeeWhereJoeGoes, featuring over 90 videos documenting my travels. Here I’ll highlight several videos that demonstrate the unique advantages the Spectacles have over using a camera or phone.

This day was spent exploring in San Cipriano, Colombia. I rode a moto bruja (a motorcycle-powered train car), swam in waterfalls, and generally explored. It was pouring rain all day, but my phone could stay safely in my bag while I captured it all with the Spectacles.

This is from a four-day trek in Huaraz, Peru, through the Cordillera Blanca. I captured all the shots via my Spectacles V2, and also took still photos with my Sony RX100.

Sometimes I like sharing quick 10-second moments from a day via the Stories features on Snapchat and/or Instagram. With a quick export, such videos can be shared cross-platform.

For my full catalog of content created with Spectacles V2, check out my IGTV page. Be sure to follow! Also follow the Spectacles Instagram to see content by many other creators.

In the future, I will share a full article about how I shot, edited, and shared videos using only the Spectacles and an iPhone.

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Final Thoughts

When you travel or go to an event, do you rely on your phone to capture the action? What would happen if you could put it away and focus on being in the moment? I once constantly had my phone out, recording everything. Videos are how I like to remember experiences. Using Snapchat, I had a tendency to create stories out of both the mundane and exciting. I also was guilty of being the person who recorded an entire concert through my phone instead of enjoying it. The Spectacles empowered me to put my phone away.

The team at Snap is doing a great job of sharing the content created with Spectacles. Follow along at and be sure to share using the hashtag #SnapSpectacles

Click here to purchase Spectacles V2 from Amazon (Affiliate Link)

The AR features and innovation within the software of V3 unlock several elements that are a natural progression for the Spectacles. I’m excited to eventually try out a pair. For now, I am waiting on a certain AR T-Rex lens…

Thank you for reading my ramblings. If you want to see more or have any questions or comments, please reach out or follow along on Twitter and/or Instagram.

#SeeWhereJoeGoes – IGTV

Since buying the Snap Inc. Spectacles in February 2017 they have become my primary video camera.  I have almost 50 hours of footage from around the world. They allow me to put my phone and camera away and still capture interesting moments during my travels from a unique perspective.

The project I created is called #SeeWhereJoeGoes.  Footage from the Spectacles edited from my iPhone and shared onto Instagram TV (IGTV).  I mainly am creating this for my mom Shirley.  The goal is to share updates on where I go and what I see.  She always wants to see what I am up to and with the Spectacles I can share the “joe’s eye view” of my travels and life in South America.

I invite everyone to follow along at @joeschindel and the hashtag #seewherejoegoes. The first episodes are live and document my journey from Quito, Ecuador to Mancora, Peru.  With a unique view of the Quilotoa Loop, El Cajas National Park and Cuenca.

Check out the trailer for the first few episodes below:

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Hello from Peru 🇵🇪! ¡Hola de Peru 🇵🇪! I want to share about a project I am working on. Mainly for my mom @shirleyschindel. My goal is to share updates on what I am up to. To do so I will share videos! I’ll be using Instagram TV #igtv. I invite everyone to follow along and the “joe’s eye view” of my travels and life in South America. Be sure to follow me here @joeschindel and also the hashtag #seewherejoegoes. The link to watch is in from my bio. Click “IGTV”. I will soon post videos from the past few weeks documenting my trip from Quito, Ecuador🇪🇨 to Mancora, Peru🇵🇪 via the Quilotoa Loop and Cuenca. I am filming with Snapchat Spectacles 😎. Sunglasses 🕶 Which have a camera 🎥. They allow capturing a unique perspective without having a phone or camera out. I edit them from my iPhone. Sharing on igtv because with the portrait orientation you can see what I see up close.

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For more about Spectacles check out my full review of the v1 Spectacles for more details on how I used them during my first year.

Snapchat Spectacles Review – 1 Year Later

In 2017 I captured many of my favorite moments on Spectacles.  I enjoyed not having to miss a moment and kept my phone in pocket.  That is what Spectacles are to me. The ability to capture moments as they happen and not worrying about carrying a smartphone or camera.  In this post I review the Snap Inc. Spectacles, share highlights from 2017 I captured on them, and an outlook on Spectacles in 2018.

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