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Since buying the Snap Inc. Spectacles in February 2017 they have become my primary video camera.  I have almost 50 hours of footage from around the world. They allow me to put my phone and camera away and still capture interesting moments during my travels from a unique perspective.

The project I created is called #SeeWhereJoeGoes.  Footage from the Spectacles edited from my iPhone and shared onto Instagram TV (IGTV).  I mainly am creating this for my mom Shirley.  The goal is to share updates on where I go and what I see.  She always wants to see what I am up to and with the Spectacles I can share the “joe’s eye view” of my travels and life in South America.

I invite everyone to follow along at @joeschindel and the hashtag #seewherejoegoes. The first episodes are live and document my journey from Quito, Ecuador to Mancora, Peru.  With a unique view of the Quilotoa Loop, El Cajas National Park and Cuenca.

Check out the trailer for the first few episodes below:

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Hello from Peru 🇵🇪! ¡Hola de Peru 🇵🇪! I want to share about a project I am working on. Mainly for my mom @shirleyschindel. My goal is to share updates on what I am up to. To do so I will share videos! I’ll be using Instagram TV #igtv. I invite everyone to follow along and the “joe’s eye view” of my travels and life in South America. Be sure to follow me here @joeschindel and also the hashtag #seewherejoegoes. The link to watch is in from my bio. Click “IGTV”. I will soon post videos from the past few weeks documenting my trip from Quito, Ecuador🇪🇨 to Mancora, Peru🇵🇪 via the Quilotoa Loop and Cuenca. I am filming with Snapchat Spectacles 😎. Sunglasses 🕶 Which have a camera 🎥. They allow capturing a unique perspective without having a phone or camera out. I edit them from my iPhone. Sharing on igtv because with the portrait orientation you can see what I see up close.

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For more about Spectacles check out my full review of the v1 Spectacles for more details on how I used them during my first year.

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