Website Development

Since 2011 I have worked closely with my clients to develop fast, usable and awesome websites.

What is website development?

The world is digital now,  it is important for businesses to have a digital presence to succeed.   Clients and customers are now almost certain to research you online before making any important decisions.

As a web development specialist, I provide back end development, web application development, cross-browser testing – and everything else in between. I enjoy building websites that allow the world to understand value of your business.

A CMS that works for you – Does your current content management system (CMS) not cut it?  Your website should allow you extensive control over the content and organization of your pages.  If you have a rough idea for the type of capabilities and functions you’re looking for, I can create it.  Or, if you’re new to the CMS world I can help you decide which system is the best fit for your business.  A great CMS will allow you to create and modify the content on your site with ease.  Examples include WordPress, Drupal, Wix, and Squarespace. 

E-commerce Solutions – Sell your products directly to consumers via the web.  In the age of Amazon customers expect the ability to buy online.  It is hard to find a single reputable business that doesn’t maintain a strong online presence for their product or service, whatever it is.

I can help to structure, build and monetize websites that make it easy for customers to find their way to the checkout or contact page.  I can integrate the payment system you prefer, or recommend one, then create creative content for your products. 

The website migration specialist – Time for a digital makeover?  I understand the challenges that need to be managed carefully to ensure a fast and problem-free transition, whether it’s a full domain migration, hierarchy restructure or combining several sites into one.

Looking to make the switch to HTTPS? HTTPS is a faster and more secure hosting option. Making the switch to HTTPS is in your business’ best interests; it provides a boost for your SEO, and gives your visitors the security of knowing that their data is protected on your site, which is a huge trust factor.

Website Development & Web Application Portfolio

2017 & Onward – On the Road – While traveling through South America I am working with small businesses to provide website development and marketing services.

2013-2017 – Red Ventures – Four years I worked alongside amazing businesspeople and engineers to create marketing and sales solutions.   For websites and applications the main technologies leveraged include PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AngularJS & jQuery.  Full professional profile on LinkedIn

2013 and earlier.  In university I created a variety of websites and apps.  Mainly coded in PHP with MySQL databases.  In order to get a deeper understanding of the languages I did not use a framework or platform like WordPress or Drupal.  These projects ultimately led me to land internships and my first job out of university.


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