What I Can Do For Your Business

From the initial idea to taking the next steps to grow your business I can help.   Below is the breakdown of some of services I offer.

General Business Ideation

Do you need help with a business idea?  Who are your customers?  What is your value proposition?  What separates you from your competition?  How will you acquire customers?  What is your edge?  How will you scale?  I am available to help you answer these questions.

Web Presence Setup

Choosing a domain and setting up the hosting are an important step to get your business online.  In addition to website set up I can ensure your social media accounts are properly set up to appeal to your customers.  Read more about setting up your online website presence. 

Branding & Design

I can connect you with the best designers to help establish your branding and design.  I do not have a deep design background but I have connections with some of the best in the business.  If your business already has creative assets I can integrate them into your website or other content.

Search Engine Optimization

Once you have a website set up there are steps to take to make sure it shows up higher in the search results.  Along with the important steps to make sure your site is properly set up so search engines and customers can find your site.  Read more about the SEO.

Pay-Per-Click & Social Advertising

Once you have a site set up and are ready to find new customers we can get you set up with ads across multiple platforms to reach your audience.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Search Sites like Google, Bing & Yahoo.  Read more about PPC Advertising or Read More about Social Advertising.

Social Media Strategy & Digital Content Creation

I can help create compelling content to foster a continuous relationship with your customers.   Photos, videos, blog posts and other interactive media are all possible.   Tell the story behind your brand/business.

Is there another way I can help your business succeed?  Or are you not quite sure what would help best?  Reach out and lets figure it out!