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Since buying the Snap Inc. Spectacles in February 2017 they have become my primary video camera.  I have almost 50 hours of footage from around the world. They allow me to put my phone and camera away and still capture interesting moments during my travels from a unique perspective.

The project I created is called #SeeWhereJoeGoes.  Footage from the Spectacles edited from my iPhone and shared onto Instagram TV (IGTV).  I mainly am creating this for my mom Shirley.  The goal is to share updates on where I go and what I see.  She always wants to see what I am up to and with the Spectacles I can share the “joe’s eye view” of my travels and life in South America.

I invite everyone to follow along at @joeschindel and the hashtag #seewherejoegoes. The first episodes are live and document my journey from Quito, Ecuador to Mancora, Peru.  With a unique view of the Quilotoa Loop, El Cajas National Park and Cuenca.

Check out the trailer for the first few episodes below:

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Hello from Peru 🇵🇪! ¡Hola de Peru 🇵🇪! I want to share about a project I am working on. Mainly for my mom @shirleyschindel. My goal is to share updates on what I am up to. To do so I will share videos! I’ll be using Instagram TV #igtv. I invite everyone to follow along and the “joe’s eye view” of my travels and life in South America. Be sure to follow me here @joeschindel and also the hashtag #seewherejoegoes. The link to watch is in from my bio. Click “IGTV”. I will soon post videos from the past few weeks documenting my trip from Quito, Ecuador🇪🇨 to Mancora, Peru🇵🇪 via the Quilotoa Loop and Cuenca. I am filming with Snapchat Spectacles 😎. Sunglasses 🕶 Which have a camera 🎥. They allow capturing a unique perspective without having a phone or camera out. I edit them from my iPhone. Sharing on igtv because with the portrait orientation you can see what I see up close.

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For more about Spectacles check out my full review of the v1 Spectacles for more details on how I used them during my first year.

Snapchat Spectacles Review – 1 Year Later

In 2017 I captured many of my favorite moments on Spectacles.  I enjoyed not having to miss a moment and kept my phone in pocket.  That is what Spectacles are to me. The ability to capture moments as they happen and not worrying about carrying a smartphone or camera.  In this post I review the Snap Inc. Spectacles, share highlights from 2017 I captured on them, and an outlook on Spectacles in 2018.

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Portraits in Chicago at Studio 1037 with Wes Taylor

During my road trip around the midwest I had the opportunity to get coffee and catch up with Wes Taylor.   Wes has established himself as one of the premier lifestyle and portrait photographers in Chicago.   I had a session at his studio, Studio 1037.  The rustic space has incredible natural light and was the perfect spot for portraits and headshots.

In Studio 1037 – Photo I snapped of Wes reviewing photos during the session

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Kenya with WE Villages (Free the Children)

I had the opportunity to fly halfway around the world to visit my best bud and see firsthand the work of the WE Charity through WE Villages in Kenya.

(Ryan and I in Toronto in October 2014. Before he headed all over Canada for We Day in the fall of 2014 and then back to Kenya for 2015 with Me to We)

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Visual Highlights – Zanzibar Vacation

After 10 days in Kenya, the trip to Zanzibar, Tanzania provided the rest and relaxation I needed. The Zanzibar archipelago lives up to its nickname as the “spice islands,” with cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, and nutmeg grown locally. Historically, Zanzibar Town was the main slave-trading port in East Africa, and had the world’s last open slave market until 1873. We explored the historic part of town on our last day.

Karibu Zanzibar
Welcome to Zanzibar

Ryan and I took a round trip from Nairobi to Zanzibar Town, and took a taxi up the coast to Kendwa Rocks. We stayed on the island for four days and three nights.

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Visual Highlights – Safari – Maasai Mara, Kenya

One of my favorite experiences while in Kenya was going on safari. The Maasai Mara National Reserve is part of the Narok region, where WE Villages works. During my trip with Me to We, we departed early one morning and headed into the reserve.

The reserve has a diverse population of resident game, and is home to the African Big Five: lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, and rhinos. During this Safari, I was lucky see four out of five! The elusive leopard was the only one we missed.

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Visual Highlights – Banff, Canada May 2017

Banff, Alberta was my first trip after leaving Red Ventures. The main goal was to completely unplug from the stresses of the 9-5, and simply enjoy the beautiful scenes of the Canadian Rockies.

I was accompanied by my best bud, Dan.

The name “Banff” covers both the Canadian national park in western Alberta and an incorporated town. During the winter months the area is popular for skiing, and during the summer for its numerous hikes and picturesque lakes.

Day 1 – Tunnel Mountain

Tunnel Mountain surrounded by the town of Banff, Alberta
Tunnel Mountain surrounded by the town of Banff, Alberta.  Bow River snakes through the town.

We went on our first hike the evening we arrived, going up Tunnel Mountain. It was a three-mile round trip with multiple stopping points along the way to rest and check out the view. Continue reading “Visual Highlights – Banff, Canada May 2017”